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General Terms

The BITAVEO.com platform is operated by BITAVEO LTD, Registration Number 15625592, 30 Randalls Crescent, KT22 7NP, Leatherhead, United Kingdom

This agreement is created and endorsed in compliance with UK legislation and widely recognized digital asset management standards.
Access to the website's features is available only to registered members.
To create an account on BITAVEO.com, you must be at least 18 years of age and possess the legal capacity to enter this contract.
By registering on the BITAVEO.com platform, you acknowledge and fully consent to the Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.


A Deposit signifies a confidential agreement between BITAVEO LTD and the registered account holder.
Upon depositing, the member grants BITAVEO LTD the authority to manage their digital assets in the best interest of the company, aligned with the selected investment scheme.

Investment plans are as follows:
QUARTZ - 0.4% Daily for 30 days
ONYX - 0.5% Daily for 90 days
SAPPHIRE - 0.7% Daily for 180 days
DIAMOND - 1% Daily for 365 days

After the completion of your chosen investment plan, the principal amount will be automatically returned to your account balance.
Deposits can be made using any payment method supported by BITAVEO.com.
Deposits are denominated in USD and are subject to the prevailing cryptocurrency exchange rate. Rates fluctuate based on current cryptocurrency valuations.
Transferring funds between two BITAVEO.com accounts is prohibited. Ensure the deposit address generated in one account isn't set as the withdrawal address in another BITAVEO.com account.

Compound Option:

Users have the option to enable compound interest, which can significantly increase their earnings. With the compound option, users can reinvest their daily profits into their investment plan, potentially leading to higher returns. Please note that due to the compounding effect, exact earning calculations may vary, and it's recommended for users to evaluate the potential gains and risks associated with this option. You can enable or disable the compound option at any time to optimize your investment strategy and potentially maximize your returns.


Members can initiate withdrawals provided they have an adequate balance.
Minimum withdrawal amounts:
$10 for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and USDT ERC20, Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Dash (DASH), Ripple (XRP), Doge Coin (DOGE), Tron (TRX), USDT TRC20, USDT BEP20, BitcoinCash (BCH), Stellar (XLM), MATIC, BUSD.

Withdrawal Processing Times:

Daily Profits and Referral Commissions: Withdrawals from daily profits and funds earned via referral commissions are processed swiftly, within 48 hours.

Blockchain Network Delays
Transfer Time Definition: The stated withdrawal time refers to the period within which funds are sent to the blockchain network from the BITAVEO website. Once a transaction is broadcasted to the blockchain and a transaction hash is provided to the user, BITAVEO LTD considers its obligation for the payout timeframe fulfilled.
Network Confirmation: BITAVEO LTD has no control over the speed at which a transferred cryptocurrency is confirmed on the blockchain and credited to the recipient's account. Factors outside our control include varying fees on the network, which can affect confirmation times, and the policies of different wallets, which may require a certain number of confirmations before reflecting the transaction in the user's balance.

Confirmation by Hash: Upon broadcasting the transaction to the blockchain, users will receive a transaction hash number. This transaction ID is a confirmation of BITAVEO LTD's action to process the withdrawal. Users can use this hash to track the progress of their transaction on the respective blockchain network.

BITAVEO LTD isn't accountable for blockchain network delays. During periods of high traffic, users should expect that confirmation times might be extended. As always, users are encouraged to verify their wallet addresses before confirming a withdrawal request. Misdirected funds due to user error cannot be reversed and are non-refundable.

Responsible Withdrawal Practices

To ensure the integrity and sustainability of our platform, we require members to exercise responsibility in initiating withdrawal requests. Members should avoid splitting what could be a single withdrawal into multiple smaller withdrawals and ensure that withdrawal requests genuinely reflect their immediate transactional needs.
Measures Against Excessive Transaction Costs and Platform Destabilization Combining Withdrawals: If a user initiates multiple withdrawals sequentially where a single withdrawal could suffice, BITAVEO LTD reserves the right to cancel these requests or cancel and combine them into one. This may reset the processing time, and the combined request will be placed at the end of the queue for processing.
Suspension or Termination: In instances where user behavior is interpreted as a deliberate attempt to destabilize the platform by incurring unwarranted costs, BITAVEO LTD may take actions ranging from the temporary suspension of the user’s account to investigate the matter to the termination of the account for serious offenses. These measures are to safeguard all users and the platform itself from abusive practices that could impair service quality and financial stability.

User Account and Security

Each member is permitted a single account on BITAVEO.com.
Multiple account registrations by an individual, especially for referral commissions, will lead to account suspension and freezing of all related accounts.
Members are responsible for their account's security.
Note: Our team will NEVER reach out via personal Telegram or other messengers. The only official communication channels are: Live Chat on our website, Contact Form, or direct E-Mail to: support@BITAVEO.com
BITAVEO LTD will never solicit payments to external wallets or endorse other investment platforms.
Integrity of Information and Community Interaction At BITAVEO LTD, we are committed to maintaining a respectful and truthful community. Our users are expected to uphold these standards in all forms of communication.

Prohibition of Misinformation:

Users must refrain from creating, spreading, or endorsing false, misleading, or defamatory content about BITAVEO LTD, its operations, or its services.
Consequences of Spreading Misinformation:
We urge all members to practice due diligence and verify the authenticity of information before sharing it. BITAVEO LTD encourages an environment of transparency and trust, and any actions that jeopardize this environment are taken very seriously.

Unsolicited commercial emails or bulk emails are considered spam.
Engaging in spam or violating any terms can lead to cooperation with investigations, including sharing account details.
Procedure of Amending the Present Terms BITAVEO LTD reserves the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms of Use at any time.

Contact Information

For queries or concerns regarding this Agreement, reach out via:
E-Mail: info@BITAVEO.com
Postal Address:
30 Randalls Crescent,
KT22 7NP Leatherhead,
United Kingdom


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